Peace of Mind is a Safe and Secure Website

How long ago was it that you last reviewed your website’s performance? Hopefully you do it reasonably regularly to make sure that it is secure and safe to use. Otherwise you may well find that your visitors opt out and go to your competitor’s websites for safer and more secure transactions.

If you’ve got a business website, or you have a well visited blog, it is vitally important that your security is a tight as it can be. It is not difficult to achieve. Here in this article, we are going to give you some valuable hints and tips on how to go beef up your site security so you can rest assured that your visitors and contributors can visit and interact in perfect safety.

The one thing that you cannot afford is complacency. You must stay ahead of the game. It’s no good someone else telling you that your site’s security has been breached; it’s too late by then, the damage will have been done. But you will often find that the suppliers of content systems you may be using (like Joomla for example) operate a policy of notifying any customers who are running copies of their programs that require updating.

The danger, if you continue to run out of date programs that you haven’t updated with the latest upgrade, is that they become a real security risk. Companies carry out updates in order to keep one step ahead of the hackers. There’s a private war going on out there all the time between software designers and hackers. The hackers make it their business to set about breaking into new systems just as soon as they come onto the market. It takes them time of course so the new versions are safe until the next upgrades come out, but that therefore implies that the old versions are vulnerable. So if you value your clients and you have their best interests, and their security at heart, you must ensure you upgrade to the latest fault, and hacker-proof versions just as soon as they come out. Remember; you only get one shot at this. Your customers will leave you in droves if the word gets around that your site or blog is insecure.

But it’s not just the content systems you need to worry about. You also need to be mindful of your admin systems too. Whether this is your responsibility, or that of your hosting company, it makes no difference. It’s up to you to be aware, and to make your hosting company aware should you believe any actions need to take place. Your password for example is absolutely key. You will be amazed just how quickly a hacker will be able to guess exactly what it is if you use triggers based around your personal life. No, the safest way of creating a hacker proof password by far, is by making use of one of the random password generators that can be found online. If you keep visitors personal details within your website, a hacker-proof admin password is essential.

Your website is probably an important income stream. You cannot afford to take any chances and making sure of your client’s security is the best way of keeping your integrity, and retaining the loyalty of your users too. By staying ahead in the upgrade and security game, both you and your visitors can enjoy peace of mind.

Password Management – How to Stay Safe and Secure with Online Passwords

The questions and tips below are to help us keep safe and secure when we use passwords.

1. Do you use an ‘easy’ password?

A password is more secure if there is nothing obvious about it. It is best to avoid family names, pet names, in fact any plain English words or names, significant numbers like dates, birthdays, phone numbers, street address numbers, vehicle plate numbers and so on.

The best, strongest passwords are long and random. Also they contain letters AND numbers. They have a mixture of UPPER and lower case characters.
Also, if you can, it is even better to include some ‘extended’ characters, such as the underscore (_), percent sign (%), tilde (~) or plus sign (+).

On some websites you might find that some of these characters are disallowed. Don’t worry, just try some: the online form will tell you if it is not a valid password for their system.
On other sites the use of at least one of these characters may be a requirement.

Of course if you have more than a few passwords – and they are strong, random ones with extended characters – how do you remember them? More about that below.

How do you get a really random password?

A lot of web users use the easy kind of passwords mentioned above. For them, if they would just tap randomly on their keyboard they would make a huge improvement in the strength of their passwords. They could easily come up with something like this: hao484HSs83l – much better than something like “alex23″.

Getting a really random password conveniently and correctly usually involves some software (for convenience) with/and a random number generator. Most password management software can produce strong random passwords for you on demand.

You can also find random password creators on websites. But don’t just use the first website you see that offers you this service. Some of those widgets might not produce truly random passwords.

There is free software that can be used to generate passwords, e.g. this one, Random Password Generator. This is just an example: I am not personally vouching for the quality of this software or the randomness of its passwords.

2. Do you use the same password for more than one account?

Every time we are required to supply a password we need to use a new and different password. For example, suppose you need a password for a bank account, an email account, an internet forum you visit, and maybe you use a password to log on to your own computer (you should). These should be four different passwords. Otherwise a hacker or identity thief only needs to discover one password and then try it out on some bank accounts, email accounts, web forums or anything else associated with your name.

I haven’t forgotten that other question: if you have a lot of different passwords – and they are strong, random ones – they might look like this: “3K$R ^Xy7x=’m/`33. Do you let your browser remember your passwords?

If it’s a password for something very important, such as your banking, SAY NO when your browser asks you if you would like it to remember your password or other log-on details.
I am not trying to criticise any browsers here, but there are two main points to consider:

A. Your browser has this feature mainly for convenience, not for security.
The people who make the browser, e.g. Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, are giving you the option of using this feature for your convenience.
They will store your password in a secure way, but they are providing a feature for your convenience, not for maximum online security.

The browser’s password storage is made to be difficult to hack and it is probably not worth the trouble to most hackers – since there are easier pickings for them. But still, if it’s a question of protecting all the money in your bank accounts, don’t rely on a feature that is provided just for convenience.

B. If your computer is unattended…

There is another problem with letting your browser automatically log you onto sites such as your bank. If you step away from your computer, then anybody who can access your computer can also access any of those sites with YOUR identity.

In order to log into websites, banks, forums etc. some people are very, very careful about entering user names and passwords into the form fields. Some people, very security conscious and in defence against keyloggers, never actually type their password. They copy and paste it instead.

Even so, they still don’t feel entirely safe: they know that any hacker in a position to capture their keystrokes might also be able to capture their clipboard as well.
I noticed that KeePassX will clear the clipboard a few seconds after pasting a password. Very wise.

(Of course if somebody has installed a keylogger or clipboard capture tool on your computer you have been hacked: you have some serious security problems beyond the issue of passwords. )

Now that other question, about remembering a lot of passwords: where are we now?

We have a lot of different passwords…

They are strong, random ones…

And it’s not safe to just let our browser remember them…

And it’s not safe to keep a note of them…

So how do we remember them all? More about that just below.

4. Do you store your passwords in an unsafe place?

This is where people can make a bad mistake, exposing themselves to identity theft.
I recently saw an article about this topic that had some very bad advice. It suggested that you should “make a note” of your user names and passwords, perhaps in an Excel spreadsheet, for example.


Anybody with access to your computer could get that spreadsheet and discover all your passwords. (Unless it is somehow secured, e.g. encrypted, hidden, password protected etc. – but the article did not mention that.)

Luckily, we do not need to rely on advice like that.

There is a lot of software available that is designed specifically to store passwords very securely. Also, this kind of software will, on demand, securely place the passwords into forms on websites. So they offer the same convenience that you would get if you allowed your browser to remember the passwords. But with dedicated password software you get more security. Because the people providing software like this are security specialists.

Free Password Utilities

As usual, there is free help available with computer security.

For example, KeePass is a ‘Password Safe’ that stores your passwords with strong security. It is free to download and use. Just search for KeePass or check out a cross-platform version, KeePassX. This works on Windows, Linux and Mac. You can use the same password file at home and work and school etc. even if theose locations use different operating systems – very convenient.

Another one is the aptly named PasswordSafe. You can read about it at the PasswordSafe site.
PasswordSafe is a service that stores your information online. So it too available for any operating system, Windows, Mac and Linux.

People need to decide for themselves whether this kind of remote storage of passwords is a good security measure for them. On one hand, you need to trust that the PasswordSafe people will store them securely. On the other, there is a security benefit because if you lost all your computers (e.g. in a house fire) you would still have all your passwords.

The providers do not recommend using it for your most sensitive online activities (e.g. your bank account log-in). This is understandable since their service is free. They don’t want to expose themselves to the legal problems that could eventuate if somebody claimed that thieves got access to their banking passwords.

There is also the popular RoboForm. Last time I looked I saw they claimed 18 million users. The application is available in a number of languages. With the free version you can store up to 20 passwords.

Another free solution:

Use your own VERY hard-to-access documents to store your passwords.
(This is what has worked for me, and is no-cost: but don’t take it as top quality security advice.)

For a long time I felt mostly safe noting my passwords in password-protected OpenOffice documents on a Linux computer. These are just word-processing documents. But OpenOffice documents are stored as compressed XML, so even if somebody stole a document from my computer they would have a hard time trying to discover what it really contains (without the password). Also, it’s on Linux, which is something of a security solution in itself.

By the way: we would not keep our banking details in a document like that. A few essential PIN numbers and details should just be memorised, not written or stored anywhere.

This became inconvenient eventually. I started using KeyPassX. Very easy and convenient.

In Summary

We don’t want it to seem that you have to be a security expert just to log on to your favourite sites or use a forum.
The point is that many web users can make a big security improvement just by doing two simple things:

1. Using stronger passwords

2. Keeping them in a safe place.

If you have too many passwords to remember, and you need to record them, then keep them in a very safe place. You can use your own methods or some of the free or commercial software especially designed for the purpose.

A Few Safety Tips on Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure

Your family is the most important part of your life and keeping them safe at all times should be your top priority. All you need to know is a few safety tips on keeping your home safe and secure to reach this goal. Not only do you want to keep your home safe while you’re there, you want to protect it when you’re away. And, it doesn’t matter where you live – even the most elegant and upper-class neighborhoods experience home burglaries and break-ins.

One thing that you can do quite inexpensively is to install a home burglar/fire alarm system. You can find many vendors online and at local retail and specialty stores. It’s to your advantage to take the time to explore your options and shop around for the best prices. Alarm systems are a proven way to keep burglars away from your home and to give you and your loved ones the peace of mind that protection is always present.

Make sure that your doors and windows are secure by installing dead bolts and security bars. If your doors have deadbolts, it will be a difficult task for a thief to break into your home. And if your windows and sliding glass doors have strong security bars, a thief will have to be very strong to break one of them to get into your home. It is also wise for you to make sure that all of your windows have strong security locks on these safety features dissuade even the most hardened criminal.

Additional safety tips on keeping your home safe and secure is to make sure that every door and window are kept securely locked at all times, especially when you are away from home or asleep. Be sure to keep your garage door locked as well and install “safe” pet entrances. Some people invest in a large (or even small) dog to discourage would-be burglars. Sometimes even just a yapping small dog will turn a thief away by because barking dogs can cause a ruckus and might alert near by neighbors.

Adequate lighting is also an important part of your home safety system. Make sure that the outside of your home is well-lighted. This will help in keeping would-be burglars away because they certainly don’t want to be seen breaking into your home! You have several options including solar powered and electric lights that will keep your home lit up during the dark night hours and in shady areas surrounding your home.

The preceding tips are just a few of the things you can do to assure that your home is as safe as it can be. Learning safety tips on keeping your Saskatoon home safe and secure is your responsibility and following these tips will help you meet this goal. It only takes a few minutes today to decide that now is the time to invest in anything that will give you peace of mind in the future.

Cloud Storage Will Keep Your Files Safe And Secure

Picture working with a huge webinar later today and in the midst of showing the majority of the documents you must have for your business presentation, your laptop or computer instantly turns out bare and crashes. If ever you do not have got corporation personal files filed in a apparatus away from your hard drive, then you are in danger.

Never the less, improvements for information technology sometimes make it easy if you want to save your computer data without the need associated with flash drive or another hardrive. This is achieved with products which in turn allows you to create an on-line reassurance.

Normally called a remote desktop help reassurance, the file backup really is a procedure of storing information for example like documents, folders notably, the entire belongings in an individual’s hard disc drive using a private host as a result of the usage the internet. There are a multitude of manufactures classed as in the business venture attached to coming up with private reassurance goods and services when considering consumers who have laptops together with online connections. What happens is usually that as soon as you enroll in the particular system as a result attached to the world-wide-web, your current information will definitely be immediately put away ın the specialist provider’s node.

Remote pc help assistance goes relating to the notion that regular backing up of information for a remote pc help location lessens the risk of computer files damaged as a result of many of these travesties for example, mobile computer thievery, workstation devastation a consequence of flames and such, report data corruption and particularly desktop computer infection.

If what’s keeping you against employing an online backup device is most typical of fears regarding some type of security breach – and thus a person may acquire your data files and passed them around or use these for all kinds of function – then you should know that there is nothing to concern. Assuming you have picked an agency which has a fantastic standing and also prides themselves in high quality safety measures, then you need not really feel stressed. That is because several websites help you find password defense as well as security which makes it really hard – if not extremely hard – for other issuers obtain your archives.

Selecting the right back-up program is a process. You need to do some investigation on which features you would like your plan to have and just how much it might cost. A good service is one that affords you constant slated offsite document backup, direct file editing capabilities, file sharing and transfer capacities, a custom keyword list and lightning fast text search options.

The good thing about having an online backup program is that you can access it anyplace and anytime, even if you are utilizing a different machine. This means that even if you’re at a web café or using someone else’s computer, you may still manage to bring up your files, open them and edit them.

If you are worried regarding how much you will be charged, you’ll want to find a service designed to suit for a spending budget. There a lot of fine on the web backup businesses that include their own services within a good selling price. Nonetheless, if you want a more thorough service then you need to be happy to fork out a little bit more.

Go For Xenon Kits and Make Your Car Driving Safe and Secure in the Best Possible Manner

Driving is risky and especially if you drive a lot around night times, you are sure going to be vulnerable for accidents and mishaps. In all possible cases, accidents do occur when visibility is low and you are unable to locate the potential hazards which lie on your driving route.

Installing Xenon Kits seems to be best viable solution which will to a great extent make you feel safe when you drive as the Xenon headlights emit more than 300% of light more than the regular halogen lamps. At the same time the light beam is clearer and brighter almost resembling daylight. Similarly, you will experience a sigh of relief when you drive in intense and bad weather conditions as the light emitted under these conditions is no way compromised.

Ideally for regular automobiles you would need xenon HID kits in the 3000K to 12000K colour ranges. Its best if you go for HID bulbs in the range of 3500K to 5000k as the light emitted is just sufficient for driving under all weather conditions.

You could always select from four different varieties of Xenon light available in the market ranging from single beam xenon headlights, high/low beam xenon headlights, telescope xenon headlights and bi xenon headlights.

Moreover, you could also check out online for Xenon HID kits. You should look out for the most suitable HID kit against the specified model’s name and number and go for it. Make sure the HID Xenon kit you get should contain Two HID XENON bulbs, two ballasts with all necessary wiring, two ballast mounting brackets and an installation manual also. If you locate a reputed dealer you could even get a 12 month warranty as well.

Cars are prized possessions and people go to great extent in customizing their cars. Car Headlights are equally important accessory which can be updated for a good look as well as performance. Hence going for Xenon HID kits could be a very much sensible decision as you get better lights for car which help you to drive safely and securely, Moreover they consume less power and are equally efficient, long lasting and relatively maintenance free as well. These features also make HID conversion kits affordable and highly popular.